I love stars to be a part of my day–

They make me smile, feel happy in a way.

So bright, so fun—that mysterious twinkle.

What is really up there? Is it time in a wrinkle?

What can I say?  I was born to play!

Stars help me remember that I came that way…


(seed bead mosaic by the author)


Dark Star

I celebrate the Mystery

That dwells within me.

The Goddess, the Muse–

A Dreamer who sees…

Beauty in a moment

Strength in a pause

Depth in my BEing

A dragon with claws.

She’s whimsical, magical

Here and then there.

She definitely has a knack

For flips in mid-air.

Persephone, Diana

Kali-Shakti, Quan Yin.

The fairies, the gnomes

They all are my kin!

I see her in the moonlight

When the owl calls my name.

I hear her in the whisper

Of the nightsong of rain.

Who am I? Who are you?

What’s this world where we dwell?

Dark Star within me,

I am under your spell.