If Chocolate Were Extinct (AKA Ode to Chocolate–the best food ever)

If chocolate were extinct–

What would you do?

Drink more coffee?

Feel really blue?


I think I would

Go back to school–

Figure out a way

To remake this food!


Chocolate is my teacher,

Chocolate is my friend.

Always she’s with me

When I’m needing a mend.


Hello brain magic–

I’m feeling mighty fine

Because dark chocolate’s

Inside my mind!


Inside my heart,

She sings a sweet song…

Its melody, its lyrics

Bring me back home…


**I’ve been guilty of some quirky, random poetry before, and I think it’s happened again!  I had this funny line of thought tonight about “what if chocolate went extinct”?  What would I do??  I’d eat it all up until the last possible moment, of course!!  I just think chocolate is one of the best things ever, so life without it would be pretty drab.  I have no idea where such randomness comes from or why it chooses my head to show up in, but the effect was that I started really appreciating chocolate and all her amusing and grounding gifts in my life. If she were truly taking off from this plane, I’d be ever more grateful of all the fun adventures we’ve had together!  Since it’s (astrologically) a Pisces sun and moon right now, I guess it’s just a lyrical time!  Perfect for zany arrangements of words… And a spiritual appreciation for the things you love…  Thank you cacao…You’re a poem now!  **



(Me and my cacao pod friend on Maui in 2015)


Ode to Lemon

Lemon custard

Lemon pie

Better in my belly

Than my eye.


In my water

In my mouth

You cleanse my blood

Improving health.


I love your yellow–

So cheery and bright

My own little piece

Of sunshine’s light.


Round and firm

Juicy and fresh

You’re a tangy gift

Of deliciousness!



I’m living on a beautiful Hawaiian farm right now with lots and lots of lemon trees.  I’ve been cooking with lemons, meditating with lemons, juggling lemons, admiring lemons, and drinking lemon water every single day.  The lemons have been an inspiring and healing addition to my life!  They have helped me have more energy, a stronger immune system, a cheerful mood, and they have even shrunk a cyst I have had for years on my wrist!  I have been feeling so grateful to the lemons in my life lately, I decided to write this little poem.


Strange Bird-Song…

Some people live with spice and sparkle,

Others more like mouthwash gargle.

In which group do you wish to belong?

Drifting down the drain or high on song?

Live life to its fullest, strive to create.

There’s a gift in you you must open to play.

Get to know yourself—your loves and joys.

These are things you can use




Shout out to the world—give us your words.

Without your voice …

There’s one less bird.

Expired Jokes of a Dreamer

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Are you willing to be weird if required?

Laugh about jokes that have already expired?

Endeavor to be zany at a time when it’s optional?

If yes, you’re at risk for a life that’s impossible!

Miracles will be had.  Magical treasures, too.

With a Dreamer in your pocket, there’s nothing you can’t do!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * • • • ∞

Soggy Dreams

This is a funny little poem I wrote tonight, actually for my other blog (that’s going to be a narrative account of my past 15 months on sabbatical, looking for my next home).  I thought I’d post it over here, too.  Gives a little added texture to my gypsy’s journey…


There’s some kind of mysterious

Recipe I’m seeking…

For a magical home

In a dream I’m dreaming….


Nature and people

And beauty and climate.

Work prospects, culture,

Politics, excitement.


There are so many elements

I’m trying to consider–

When planning for home

In Hither or Thither…


I no longer believe

That perfection exists.

Everywhere has compromise;

Reality persists.


I’m really not sure

Which conditions I’ll choose,

But I must find home soon…

I can sure feel the fuse


Lit in my heart,

Burning through my body…

“Make a choice now,” it says,

Or your dreams will get soggy.