Dragon’s Kiss

Writing poems

I feel so alive.

Spirit moves through me

With words that dive

Through my heart

Into the abyss

Where love can be found

In a dragon’s kiss.



(pencil drawing by the author)


Ode to a Star

I love you stars.

You are a part of my day.

Inside my body

You twinkle and play.

Outside at night

You shine so bright.

I smile at the sky

And watch you pass by.

Slowly you move

Or I guess I do, too.

I ponder the Mystery

When I look at you.

Thank you for gracing

My life with your shine.

You inspire my joy

When love’s hard to find.

There’s always a star

Up high and in me.

As long as I chase it

I always feel free.


(oil pastel drawing by the author)


And then the star

And then the star

turned out its light

fell down to earth

whilst burning bright

born as a child

to a willing mom

who dreamed a dream

the star came from.




When I dream of beauty

A goddess appears

With long green legs

And pollen tears.


(acrylic painting by the author)



Once I hid a dream deep in my heart-

A dream of love, healing, & art.

And many days I forgot why I was here;

I wondered around lost–in sadness and fear.

But the dream wouldn’t die

It kept crying for me–

Look here, listen up:

You have reason to be.

Don’t lose faith now, child.  Your gifts are many.

Just because you are confused doesn’t mean you’re unwilling.

Shine where you can, love every day.

The dream in your heart will eventually play

A song you remember, a word or an ode

That unlocks the mystery

of your deepest code.