Hi.  I’m Kayse, a mystical gypsy.  Also, a physician artist.  Healer.  And garden goddess.

I travel.

With feline muse.

I am creating this blog to spread tales of my adventures along the inner and outer spirals of life with the hopes that my journey inspires yours.  Mine is a deeply spiritual path–devoted to love, creation, and healing.  When I started this blog I was on a quest to find my next home, physically.  In the process of moving again and again, I came to discover the part of myself that is always and forever exactly in the same place.

I love writing.  I love inspiring people.  I love playing with words…and everything else.  I love celebrating.  I love magic.  I love waking up.  But most of all, I love dreaming.

In the future this blog may take different directions, but so far it seems to be mostly a whimsical, poetic exploration and documentation of my “inner journey”.   I also have a “travelogue” of sorts that I’ve recently started to document the details, stories, lessons, and laughs from my rather intriguing, presently nomadic “outer journey” .  That blog is also on WordPress:  “A Muse on the Loose“.  A more medical and astrologic blog is on my professional website (link below).

Find me on Twitter as “Kayse Starshine”/@mysticmandala
Find me on Instagram as “Kayse Starshine”/@mysticmandala
And professionally on the web at www.kaysebudd.com

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