Flower for a Friend

Get to know Ginger.
She’ll brighten your day…
Behind your ear
She wants to play!
Under your nose
She smells so fine–
Opens up your heart
To the Divine.
Remember this tip
When you’re feeling down:
A little yellow ginger 
Turns the mood around.



Ode to a Star

I love you stars.

You are a part of my day.

Inside my body

You twinkle and play.

Outside at night

You shine so bright.

I smile at the sky

And watch you pass by.

Slowly you move

Or I guess I do, too.

I ponder the Mystery

When I look at you.

Thank you for gracing

My life with your shine.

You inspire my joy

When love’s hard to find.

There’s always a star

Up high and in me.

As long as I chase it

I always feel free.


(oil pastel drawing by the author)